Damp & Soulful

21 Oct

Ok, so I realize this is cheating, but in the interest of getting good gluten-free info to my readers, I want to pass along Sophie James delicious post she uploaded today. Sophie is very correct. . .chocolate and hazelnut are a delicious combination. If you eat mixed nuts with hazelnuts in it, you get a smoke flavor that stands alone when you bite into one.

Remind me to reblog that recipe for home made Nutella later.

Happy Monday!

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My ideal cake is this one: you throw everything in. Perhaps throw is the wrong word – lob? – and there are no fiddly processes, except for rubbing off the hazelnut skins with a tea towel (and this is more sweaty and irritating than fiddly) and hazelnuts and chocolate are really very good together, so it’s worth it.

This is an autumn cake – damp and soulful and lovely with a few late mulberries or some cooked and treacly damsons, as small as olives now. This might also be the time to get out some prunes and soak them in Armagnac (you could lob some into the cake itself). Nuts instead of flour here, which makes it gluten-free. I made the mistake the first time round of putting two tablespoons of spelt in, which was unnecessary and also catastrophic. The 2 tbs were my undoing. I made it for a…

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