The Pioneer Woman in Houston, 11/2/2012

04 Nov

On Friday, November 2nd, I was lucky enough to meet the beautiful Ree Drummond, host of the Food Network show  “The Pioneer Woman,” the author of several books and writes the popular blog “The Pioneer Woman.” She was at a Sam’s Club in nearby Pearland, TX.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend many book signings with well-known authors, and this was no exception; just never in Sam’s Club. You meet the nicest people in line, too!

I have to admit to being late to knowing The Pioneer Woman. You see, while I’d seen her first cookbook, I never paid too much attention. Then after a bad breakup (they usually are if they involve me), I received an email offering for sale her autobiography in my inbox. (I used to belong to The Good Cook book club.) I wandered into Borders one Saturday afternoon and bought it.

I explained to the clerk that I’d just broken up with someone and needed something good to read. He wrote his phone number on my receipt. I was flattered, but no, I never called Brian.

Fast forward 18 months, and I discover that Ree Drummond will be nearby–tomorrow! Having time on my hands as I have, I made plans to go and get there about 3. I made it just before 3 and got in line. Outside. Out here.

This was after 3:00 pm, waiting to see The Pioneer Woman

What happened next surprised us. We saw a big, black Lincoln Town Car drive by, and we figured Ree was “In Da House.” Indeed she was. The driver, an older black gentleman in a suit and tie with a starched white shirt drove by. He rolled down the window to ask, “Are you waiting to see Miss Drummond?” Several of us said, “Yes!” He was amazed, and kept driving down to see the end of the line. (Wish I’d taken his picture now–he was so nice!)

When we made it inside, I asked him if he knew who Ree Drummond was. He said, “Oh, yes, I’ve driven her many times in Texas. But when I take her to the Galleria and Rice Village, there’s never this many people.” Note that I called him a “gentleman.” He really was. And he likes Ree, too!

I got to talk to Ree just before 6, and one of the ladies in the party standing behind me took my picture with her. I actually had a couple of handmade gifts for her–a felt travel tray that I have made for many folks before, and a little pouch that not only uses up scraps but also is convenient for whatever you want to carry in it–business cards, Larabars (it fits 4), or whatever you need. Forgot to take pictures of them, though, darnit.

I told her about meeting her husband, Ladd (aka “Marlboro Man”, who actually doesn’t smoke) and her two young sons, Bryce and Todd, in Phoenix Sky Harbor airport in late April. They were getting off the plane, and I was getting ready to go through TSA. I was so excited, I couldn’t get the words out! She said with a smile, “he mentioned that to me when I got there. I’ll tell him Hi from his buddy.”

I also told her about making some of her Orange Marmalade Muffins for a religious activity a few months ago. Everyone went bonkers for them! And of course, took them home. (Ree says, “one will give you a sugar rush.”)

Ree signed every book, and took pictures of all the kids with her own big, honking Nikon. I had my puny little Canon, which takes pretty good shots, BTW. And many thanks to the nice lady behind me, who took my picture with Ree.

I got to meet Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman!!

She’s as gorgeous and as nice in person as she is on TV, as is her husband, Ladd. (He’s nice, and yes, handsome! The boys are adorable, too.)

Ree’s new book, Charlie and the Christmas Kitten, is out now, as are her cookbooks and cool autobiography.
Happy Dining!


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